Vive La France et L’Écosse!!

August and September are plentiful months in the harvest calendar. Today I have been making jam with Slow Food Ark of Taste Prestonfield Rhubarb and James Grieve Apples (almost aboard!) so our kitchen has the sweet scent of food in progress! Herbs dried and butters made whilst all the time nibbling from our bowlful of home grown Victoria plums. All due credit to Bosse who creates our incredible kitchen garden in a miniature space on the site of an old Georgian quarry! He puts his organic farming experience to good use here, not wasting a drop of compost nor using a drop of chemical. A wonderful range of birds feast on unwanted insects, solitary bees pollinate and Bosse does the rest! My new

Aberdeen Angus - the real story

Food is rarely out of the news these days and this is good. Whether positive or negative bulletins, food fraud or brexit, perhaps at least it may encourage more people to take a long hard look at the quality of food we are creating. Statistics inevitably dwell on scale – how much profit, how many tons productivity…rarely about taste and flavour. Large companies do not wish you to question whether dairy cows producing your butter ever grazed on pasture; whether beef cattle are ‘developed’ to give a greater faster yield or if your oven fresh supermarket bread includes all kinds of preservatives and little traditional accuracy. I am heartily sick of ‘clean labelling’ and flowery descriptors on

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