Thistles and Biscuits! Striving to be the Best? Or as Avis says ‘We Try Harder’

Google this sweet treat on the left and Wikipedia will tell you it’s an Empire biscuit, Imperial biscuit, double biscuit, German biscuit, Belgian biscuit, double shortbread or even an Empire cookie. Whichever you wish, for me it is a food memory of baking with Granny – and also a benchmark for all tearooms and cafés!! This Scottish delicacy in the wrong hands can be two dry rounds of cardboard, a mean scrape of processed red gunge and a hard white topping. Quite awful! The one good thing is you can usually spot it a mile off! Alternatively, in the right hands, this treat is sensational and Ardardan Estate has totally nailed it! Delicate buttery shortbreads, light with a

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