Don’t Beat about the Bannock!

Who would have thought the Selkirk Bannock could cause such a stooshie? Actually I thought it might!! As Leader of Slow Food Scotland’s Ark of Taste I research traditional heritage foods and landrace breeds along with the SFS’s Ark Commission. For our 50th heritage food we boarded the Selkirk Bannock at SFS AGM on Sunday. For those in need of a quick resumé, The Selkirk Bannock is a famous Border baked treat, a richly fruited bread dough, individually hand made, traditionally served at afternoon tea. It is recorded as the only thing that Queen Victoria would eat when she visited Sir Walter Scott in 1867 and The Selkirk Bannock is first mentioned in 1819 in Scott’s poem The Bride of Lammermoo

Ost, formaggio, queso, fromage, brânză …

Cheese has been at the forefront of our lives this week with three courses at Scottish Food Studio, all with elements of fragrant fromage! Whatever you call it I love it! Cheese has always held a fascination for me. As a crusader for local produce I forever marvel at the subtleties of flavours in foods dependent on variations in terroir, climate, animals and biodiversity. This is true of so many specialty foods but all comes together in cheese in ways that cannot be said of a sheaf of barley or a crop of carrots, however tasty they are. Good cheese has a complexity, forging its success and unique taste on the trinity of breed, feed and skills. Sure there are a dozen other factors that will

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