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VisitSweden visits Scotland!

For too long Scotland has been the butt of many a culinary joke yet we have so much to offer…indeed in days gone by, Scots were among the healthiest on the planet and we have the potential to be so again if we eat sensibly, balanced and unprocessed.

In March we had the opportunity to share a selection of our best local produce with Swedish guests from the hospitality industry as part of their food tourism experience in collaboration with VisitSweden. They sampled home baking and Campbell’s Selkirk Bannock, farmhouse cheeses with Stockan’s oatcakes and watched Cranachan being made. A film crew came with them and I invited along Jack from Ardoch Hebridean Sheep nearby to share with them the story of this heritage breed on Slow Food Ark of Taste.

We had a great time with so much knowledge to share and experiences to pass on. Many of our challenges are the same: local abattoirs closing down, fair prices for farmers, and consumers needing to appreciate the value of quality food.

Fife is home to Scotland The Bread’s heritage grain production Scottish heritage wheat available for breadmakers to buy for the first time in over a century! With rare breeds, vegetables, seafood, beverages and grains, our regions certainly have much to celebrate as the Swedes discovered in Aberdour! We compared and contrasted the highs and lows of food tourism in Sweden and Scotland and as we were filmed, you can see for yourself here!

Although these mini movies commence in Swedish they very quickly turn to Scots so hang in there as they visit us all!

Episode 1 includes Contini Ristorante

Episode 2 includes Dunstane Houses and Fred Berkmiller

Episode 3 includes Scotbeer

Episode 4 includes Wendy Barrie, Errichel and Ballintaggart

Episode 4 includes Fiona Richmond and Café St Honore

The films were launched last week at a Workshop Knowledge Day held at Wallby where I was invited along as a Guest Speaker.

The day commenced with a fine networking breakfast, then a morning of speakers and films, including yours truly, followed by a guided nature walk to our lakeside rendezvous for the al fresco lunch. Wow! Best practice or what!

After lunch of local beef, vegetables, salads, cheeses and apple juices, we reconvened for an afternoon of debate. Bosse and I both enjoyed the day immensely, made many new contacts and enjoyed every moment of Wallby – such a beautiful experience with great food and stunning scenery in the heart of Smålands Trädgård.

This beautiful tray was specially created to depict the flora, fauna and four-legged family at Wallby! Thank you Magnus and all at Wallby. We look forward to seeing you again.

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