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Say NO to GMO

Main photo: Bosse & I with Chef Paul Seugling at Terra Madre Nordic

Slow Food have issued a statement from which I quote…

"Leaders from food, farming, student activism, religion, business, democratic reform and academia have written to British supermarkets asking them to refuse to stock foods produced from unregulated and unlabelled gene-edited crops and animals.

The 50 signatories to the joint letter, among them the Soil Association, Landworkers’ Alliance, Students for Sustainability, Green Christian and Professor Emeritus of Food Policy at City University, Tim Lang, represent a broad range of interests and specialities. They also represent the concerns of millions of supporters and members throughout the UK."

Government claims that gene-edited crops will increase yields with no collateral damage are, in our opinion, urban myths that persist even although highly respected scientists, researchers and regenerative farmers have been stating otherwise since before Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring.’ Ask Vandana Shiva, or, closer to home…ask my husband Bosse Dahlgren who has been farming with nature all his life.

I urge you to read the joint letter on the link. It is clear, concise and irrefutable. When will common sense and responsibility for our children’s children prevail over industrialisation and profit? If nothing else, has not our experience of 2020 brought us realisation of the importance of local food sovereignty and a clean planet? Gene-editing, genetic engineering and GMO products have no place whatsoever in our food chain.

As Leader in Scotland for Slow Food Ark of Taste, I collaborate with producers and enthusiasts who are not only passionate about Scotland’s heritage foods but also wise enough to appreciate their importance. Having greater biodiversity on our earth bodes well for our future and gives us resilience that is fundamental for a healthy planet; the flexibility to deal with climatic and weather changes that lie ahead. What we grow and what we breed change, following nature, over time; gene-edited species do not. Gene-editing and narrowing of genetics are the exact opposite and taking us down a road none of us should wish to travel. Landrace breeds and traditional varietals have the nutrition and resilience we seek. And while we are on the subject, that also includes animal feed – natural and non-GMO. Together, pasture fed ruminants, natural composts and manure allow farming with nature to be capable of producing ample food: good for the planet and good for our health.

To be honest, we avoid supermarkets as much as possible but I acknowledge we need all food suppliers onside to make a difference and this is something supermarkets should absolutely support if they wish to gain any respect.

So please, do read the letter and support the motion

Sincerely, Wendy Barrie


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